popping some corn

by Isobel

popcorn and procrastination, they go so well together (especially because of the alliteration…)

We have now completed a popcorn taste-test, and as a matter of fact, they DO taste different! The popcorn was cooked in canola oil, with just a little salt. I will pass no judgement on which is best, but will at least do my best to explain the flavor difference, as perceived by two people…

1) Blue: kind of cold-weather flavored…if that makes sense. Also described as “a kind of blunt flavor.”

2) Gold Ladyfinger: lemony (and very small puffs, comparatively)

3) Red: Woody flavor. Really, like how if you grill salmon on a plank it takes on the flavor…that wood flavor in a popcorn.

4) Mushroom: At first just tastes like regular popcorn, but also slightly nutty flavor

5) Black Jewel: small kernels, not a very strong taste, but slightly sweeter, for some reason reminded me of the atmosphere of a Chinese restaurant (garlicky?)

6) Pop Secret (regular yellow stuff): pretty bland (surprise…), but sweet, nutty right when you bite into it.

clockwise from top left: pop secret, mushroom, red, blue, lady finger, black jewel

(Ok, I will admit, this is one of the more pretentious things I’ve done in my life…and no, the flavor is not THAT different but it’s fun to try new things, and if you have a bulk purveyor nearby you might as well give it a go, right?! They do taste different, but not so much that it will boggle your mind or anything, I will admit)