new cookie cutters

by Isobel

Cookie cutters really make the world go round, or so it seems sometimes. Williams Sonoma has these hilarious sets of Star Wars cutters at the moment, and being me, I couldn’t resist…

awesome cookies from earlier this week:

Obviously the rebels and the dark side couldn’t be the same kind of cookie, that would just be wrong. The Death Star and the TIE fighter are chocolate-coffee, and the millennium falcon/x-wing are lemon-ginger. All I did was make a basic sugar cookie recipe, but for the dark side I replaced 1/3 cup of flour with cocoa powder, and added 2 tsp coffee extract. For the rebels I just added 1 tsp lemon extract and 1 1/2 tsp ground ginger to the recipe.

PS: Thanks to Harrison for being the best sous-chef ever, once again